Protective amulet for the practice – Prayer to Selene for any spell

“Take a loadstone engraved with a three-faced Hekate,
with her middle face being that of a horned virgin,
the left one that of a dog and the one on the right that of a goat.

After engraving, clean it with natron and water
and dip it in the blood of someone who died violently.”
PGM IV. 2785-2890

The practice for which this amulet has to be created to protect the practitioner is called
“Prayer to Selene for any spell”.

Page 31v from the most extensive ancient Greek magic book, 4th century, 30,5 x 12 cm, Bibliothèque nationale de France, P.suppl.grec. 574 (PGM IV, 2877-2887). Source: / BnF