Ancient Magical Artefacts Explained: “Solomon’s Seal Has Annihilated You” – A Unique Bronze Amulet

This bronze amulet was created to protect its owner against enemies and a specific evil demon. To create and shape the power of the artefact, Egyptian, Christian, and Jewish elements were combined and complemented by magic signs. The combination of this iconography, the inscriptions, and the symbolism is unique.

The amulet is dated to the sixth century with questionmark, nothing is known about its provenance. It measures ~ 6 x 4.5 cm.

In this video I explain the images, inscriptions, and the symbolism, describe the unnamed female demon, quote from the “Testament of Solomon”, and provide a new interpretation of its purpose and meaning. The amulet is kept in the British Museum London, inventory number 1938,1010.1.