Fate has a Daughter

In this ancient Egyptian spell against poison we learn that the Egyptian god of fate, who is called Schay, has a daughter named Sarbytha. The spell is preserved in the Demotic-Greek papyrus pdm xiv / PGM XIV from Egypt, dated to the late second or early third century.

Spell against the poison in the heart of a man who was given a drink or something other bad

(…) May I cause the poisons and evil things to be thrown out
through/in her name of Sarbytha, the daughter of Schay!

Schay (or Shai) is the Egyptian god of fate. He is predominantly depicted as a snake and his name is written with a snake in Demotic (see the highlighted section above). This name is derived from the Egyptian word Š3 which means „to determine“.

Detail of the ancient Egyptian ritual handbook pdm xiv / PGM XIV, late 2nd or early 3rd century, Egypt. AMS 65 © Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden